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Patience, self-efficacy, compassion and dedication

are my pillars and accompanying values on the way to self-love. However, there is no arrival this way. Getting to the goal here is not the goal. Self-love is a life process, a constant development. You will come to a point where you will be more and more at peace with yourself and where you will learn to love yourself more and more. Self-love, my love, is not the end, it is the beginning. A wonderful beginning, accompanied and strengthened by lightness, joy, growth and strength. You will face challenges of all kinds differently, you will be motivated and energized. You will have tools that remind you of YOU, that empower you, and allow you to hold yourself.

"Your job is not to look for love, just to find all the obstacles that you have put in the way of love." RUMI

Often our focus and alignment is outward. The love you long for, however, is IN you. Perhaps still hard to believe, too abstract to understand, but as we begin to explore our inner being, we come across more answers, keys and truths than we will ever find outside.

The responsibility for your development, for your blossoming is in your hands. My job is to give you clues, to show you ways, to point you to switches that bring light into the dark and to remind you of your self-efficacy.

Learn to follow your own path so that your potential, your strength and self-love experience space and development.

About my work

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