YOU ARE YOUR     most valuable   P ROJECT

live you



I don't know how often I've already told you about coaching . Very often. There are so many situations in which I can clearly see the development, my development. Directly in coaching, immediately afterwards or as a process until today. I am incredibly grateful and proud that we have mastered this together. I'm not the person I was before. I have new strength .

I finally broke up. Of fears . Of doubts . And love and accept me more than ever .

I see the world with different eyes - loving eyes - and am praying for everything that comes.

I feel my new strength in these new situations and love to see how I can finally solve difficulties that I had for so long and could never solve. If only a bit.

Bit by bit.

Thank you Romy that my world is turning differently . Faster, slower, more loving, real 💖

1-1 Self-love coaching

You are your most valuable project


Why self-love coaching?

Every little part of the big picture plays a major role.

Every family member, every ingredient in a recipe, every employee in a company, every season, every organ and every tooth in a machine.

You too play a leading role! For you and the world. Maybe you forgot your own importance and uniqueness. Maybe you got lost in comparisons a little. Perhaps you no longer see your own worth clearly. Perhaps self-doubt and self-criticism have already become a constant, even normal part of your everyday life. So that they feel safe, ordinary, and right.

But believe me, when "self-doubt" becomes a habit, it is high time for you to get closer to your true nature, adventure and truth.

To redefine who you actually are.

To rediscover how you can actually feel.

To experience anew what trust and connection feel like.

To re-explore what your colors and facets can create.

Whether you already know it, already believe it or not; you are a work of art. A work of art from nature. Equipped with a highly complex body that resembles a miracle, with primal instincts, intuition and sensitivity. This work of art is to be lived.

Together with you I would like to create a framework so that you, your work of art, can freely develop, live out and enjoy. You will strengthen your roots in order to be able to fly safely to the heights, you will allow your emotions to flow freely to guide your thinking consciously and you will strengthen a connection and your trust in yourself.

Image by Szabo Viktor

1-1 Self-love coaching

The 3- month trip includes:

  • 6 x 1-1 sessions of 75 minutes

  • Personalized worksheet

  • Personalized meditations

  • Unlimited Whats App support between sessions

  • Free access to all workshops



Keeping yourself small is not serving the world.


Subject areas

with which we will deal:

  • Mindset work

  • Beliefs / Beliefs

  • Practical and integrable routines

  • Emotional intelligence and fitness

  • Mental, emotional and physical health

  • Energy system body (the chakra system)

  • Visualizations

  • Queen archetype

  • Your wild nature - basic instincts, intuition and focus

The harder it is for you to take a step, the more important it is that you take it!


Who is the main character in your life?


I believe that we agree that it is YOU. Even if it seems unusual and risky to invest in yourself, you're making a big statement. A financial investment will help you commit to your path of self-love and strive for actual success.


Do I have enough time to start this development step?

The aim of the three months is to build up a self-love practice that can be integrated into everyday life. Little by little you will be ready to take as much time as you need. Because time is the most valuable thing you can give yourself.



"This year I lost, won, failed, cried, laughed, loved but above all I LEARNED."

Trusting that everything will happen FOR you is a big part of self-love. Listen more to your intuition and consciously ignore whether more self-love could be helpful for your present and your future.

Do you have any other questions?


Tropical Leaves

Dear Romy 💛

What the 1: 1 coaching has achieved, I would not have thought possible 3 months ago 🧡 After the first session I was already enthusiastic about what came out and what is still possible - and after the 6th session . I was so overwhelmed 🥳🔥 what had changed and very sad that it was already over.

You gave me great tools and tricks and ideas, discussed individual topics and always found lovely words😊

Thank you thank you thank you!! ❤️❤️