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The self-love group coaching

Immerse yourself in your self-love, your true nature and see how everything changes.

Self-love group coaching

Together you are unique

Discover your uniqueness

We are much more than we believe what we are.

Self-love is your deeply inner truth, your instinctive nature, which must be revived, heard, consciously activated and enjoyed. Discover more and more what your soul loves, what your body needs, what your emotions convey to you and what your true, wild nature is.

" I was in various individual therapies and a group therapy, but in retrospect I have the feeling that it was only through Romy and the spirit of our group that I understood what I was about. I felt that I was very lacking in self-love led to the fact that I was not good with myself or with others. Exactly at the time when I was dealing with the subject, I met Romy and knew that it was. "



If your life is a dream, whose dream is it and is this person enjoying the dream?

I would like to define your dream together with you. Activate your courage. Mobilize your strength and revive your love.

Together and each for himself we will strengthen the connection to yourself. Because only then, only when you are connected with your body, your mind and your soul, it is possible for you to initiate a conscious change and a targeted transformation. First and foremost, we are allowed to exist in our own universe, allow time and consciousness, create space for our nature again and gradually realize how our outside world and our inside world are changing for the better.

In the 6 weeks together we will deal holistically with the connection to the self, create understanding and establish an integrable self-love practice.

We no longer want to let our potential slip away, just work through to-do lists, drag ourselves from day to day.

We want to bring life back to life. Bring love back into consciousness. Remember why we are actually here -

to have livable, enriching experiences.

How can I imagine group coaching?

"To fully develop our own being, that is our purpose."


This group coaching is for you if you ...

... really want to.

... are ready to invest time and love in YOU.

... have difficulties getting into the implementation and embodying what has been learned.

... are still far too far from your self-love and have problems with self-acceptance

... always judging yourself.

... cannot set clear boundaries.

... have a feeling of worthlessness.

... are reluctant to stand up for yourself.

... feel like you're standing in your own way.

... you are currently in a process of change.

... always sabotaging yourself.

... have great difficulty in making decisions.

... are ready to change something.


Why group coaching?

See and be seen. Being seen in one's own process gives the positive change significantly more weight. Seeing others in their process and holding the space together creates a deep bond in which everyone can learn from and with one another. Very often it happens that we find more to ourselves through the topics and the words of others and that is exactly the magic of the connection and the exchange. As social beings, we always need to belong to a community. One who is open, honest and supportive and becomes part of the journey to oneself.

In this day and age, authentic connections and honest exchanges are not the order of the day, which is slowly starving our souls . At the same time, we find it increasingly difficult to be authentic and we tend to hide more and more in emotional situations.

A large part of my personal process is the constant exchange, the reflection of others and the connectedness and warmth of a group.


  • 6 weeks

  • 6 sessions x 2h

  • Workbook & Worksheets

  • Meditations

  • Whats app support group

More detailed information (data, modules, prices) will follow at launch!

Why now ?

We are seeing more and more, more than maybe ever before, that we are in a time of transformation and change. The rapid change in the outside world and the new challenges do not pass us by untouched. For many of us, fear, nervousness, doubt and mistrust are very present and always on the agenda. It is becoming more and more difficult for us to remain in trust, to follow our intuition and to connect lovingly with our fellow human beings.

It is precisely those, connectedness, intuition and trust, attributes that can trigger a positive development of potential from the current time. Not only socially, but also individually.

An awareness of yourself and a deep trust gives you roots, gives you strength and confidence and allows you to be courageously and devotedly yourself and to live your ease and joy.

The harder it is for you to take a step, the more important it is that you take it!


Who is the main character in your life?


I believe that we agree that it is YOU. Even if it seems unusual and risky to invest in yourself, you're making a big statement. A financial investment will help you commit to your path of self-love and strive for actual success.


Do I have enough time to start this development step?

The aim of the 6 weeks is to build up a self-love practice that can be integrated into everyday life. Little by little you will be ready to take as much time as you need. Because time is the most valuable thing you can give yourself.



"This year I lost, won, failed, cried, laughed, loved but above all I LEARNED."

Trusting that everything will happen FOR you is a big part of self-love. Listen more to your intuition and consciously ignore whether more self-love could be helpful for your present and your future.


Above the Clouds


I experienced the 6 weeks in self-love coaching at Romy in a personal phase in which everything was too much for me. The requirement for me was to really focus on myself, to really come to myself, and therefore the program was exactly timed. Right from the start I was fascinated by how similar women can feel and think, although they are also completely different and live. The solidarity and exchange and Romy's food for thought, ideas and questions have given me incredible strength, but also questioned me. I will allow everything I have experienced and learned to blossom again and I am grateful for the feeling that I can be myself that was given to me in the group at all times. Romy managed to give me completely new ways of looking at things. I would recommend the program to anyone who is honest with themselves or who wants to become one, especially in difficult, new and changing phases. But you can be sure: changes will come after the coaching anyway 😍