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My previous yoga path

The most important part for me as a yoga teacher is to meet my students individually, compassionately and emphatically. Creating a safe space for everyone to allow active movement and relaxation, which everyone expresses in their own way, is very essential for my teaching style. Respect your body and mind, harmonize your body and mind, and combine your breath with movement. Yoga is very individual and is optimally practiced as1 on1 , i.e.1 student and1 teacher.

I attended my first yoga classes to become even more flexible and agile, as this was important for my dance career at the time. For several years I practiced yoga irregularly without understanding the depth and potential of this practice.

Growing up with a lot of competition from the dance and fashion industry, my body and its appearance have always been of huge importance. For a long time, physically and mentally, I was under pressure to perform, not only from others, but also from my own ambition, which required more and more control. After an injury and subsequent surgery, it was clear to me for better or worse that I shouldn't pursue a professional dance career.

After many years and even more experiences abroad, spirituality became an integral part of my interest, while the passion for movement and art remained. I decided to study theater, film and media studies in Vienna.

Here a yoga studio offered a test month,30 days for30 euros, in which I let myself be tempted by the positive experiences of my roommate at the time. So I practiced yoga every day for30 days - and those30 days should change everything.

Looking at my body and dealing with it turned positive, my constantly thinking head came to rest and the sense of my self-worth was awakened - all in all, I understood yoga for the first time. I embodied and felt what I had only heard of before and drew a lot of strength and energy. I saw my world and that around me with different eyes, an absolute enrichment. I started working in this studio soon after my trial month, helping with the check-in of the participants and keeping things tidy - in return I was allowed to practice yoga as often as I liked.

When I finished my studies, it was clear to me that I would do a yoga teacher training in order to internalize the teachings and possibly bring them closer to others. I went to India for a while, where I did my first200h RYA Ashtanga Yoga training at the foot of the Himalayas . I felt as if I could learn as much in one day as I normally would in a year. I stayed in India for a while, teaching Ashtanga classes there.

Incredibly grateful and inspired by the new knowledge, it kept me in Asia, I traveled to Bali. This special place also immediately captivated me and it turned out that I spent1 year on this island. There I work as a yoga teacher and photographer and started my distance education to become a holistic nutritionist. Through very regular practical experience with great students and excellent teachers, my own practice and my life as a teacher grew into an integral part of my life.In 2019 I completed another yoga teacher training (Hatha Yoga) with Mark Whitwell, which greatly influenced my practice and the way I teach. Mark Whitwell learned directly from the Indian yoga master Krishnamacharya and greatly enriched my understanding and knowledge of yoga.